BLDWN Los Angeles

8424 Melrose Place
Los Angeles, CA 90069


 Centrally located on famed shopping destination Melrose Place in Los Angeles, our first flagship store is officially open.

In collaboration with the creative minds behind BLDWN, Montalba Architects designed our new retail space as a series of framed vignettes that metaphorically seam together the BLDWN story, modernity and the celebration of American lineage and design.

"The vision from the beginning was to create a retail environment and experience that fully embodied and represented the brand’s ethos…Modern American Fashion & Design. Every touchpoint of our retail experience will be rooted in an American identity. Whether it’s a Platner table or Eames chair, to a Match Stoneware cup and Frank Lloyd Wright coffee table book, our intent is to create a unique experience that truly celebrates American design." 

–– Johnathan Crocker, President of BLDWN

BLDWN Los Angeles will feature a rotating curation of collector’s furnishings from iconic American designers and artwork by various emerging American artists and creatives, all of which is available for purchase.

“As a truly iconic American brand, BLDWN pays homage to modern American design. We sought to do the same through our design, which favors transparency and texture, allowing the space itself to become a poetic backdrop for the clothing.”

–– David Montalba, Founding Principal of Montalba Architects

BLDWN Los Angeles

8424 Melrose PlaceLos Angeles, CA 90069